Character Profile: Sky Lord

Previously: Meet Lady Dogface. She was born this way.

Sky Lord has beautiful green eyes, three of them (he hides the one on his forehead behind a headband). Sky Lord wears a red cape, a white all-over unitard with a cutout in front, to show off his hairless chest. Sky Lord can fly. Of course he can fly. He can lift a car over his head with his hands, too. Bullets bounce off his skin, etc. You know the drill. Sky Lord stands seven and a half feet tall.

“They are like the Nazis of your world,” he will tell you, if you ask him why he came to our planet. “Except on our world, they won. They took over. They killed all of my people. My father put me on a spaceship he had built in secret. I was a baby. I was just a baby.”

He pauses here. The pause matters, we believe. It’s important for a being as powerful as himself to appear from time to time to be at a loss for words. Or at a loss for anything. Otherwise, if he’s too perfect, if he comes off that way, people might become distrustful. He cannot serve them, cannot be their protector, without their complete, unflinching trust. Right? He doesn’t want to be manipulative. It’s just that he has to be. This is our theory. This is why he pauses.

“Long story short,” he says. “There were two civilized species of humanoid on Engoni-Varian 3, my home planet — my birth planet, I should say.” Another pause, a glance around, a little smile, maybe a swallow, to show his appreciation for his adopted planetary home. “Two species, evolving for countless eons, side by side. And now, after the war, there is only one.”

Watch the videos on the web. Whenever he talks about himself. He does it every time. Those exact words, those exact pauses.

He says that he gets his powers from the oxygen-rich atmosphere of our planet. Nobody buys this explanation. Especially the scientists. Have you ever seen him interact with scientists? It’s hilarious. “Oxygen. Allows you to defy gravity?” they say. “Oxygen. Makes heat beams come out of your eyeballs, tornado-class gusts of wind come out of your lungs. Makes it possible for you hear a scream for help half a world away. Really? Oxygen?”

Sky Lord says, “Don’t worry about it, okay? You know what? Just never mind.” Sky Lord flies away.

Next: Snake-Boy is Born

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2 thoughts on “Character Profile: Sky Lord

  1. I’m enjoying these character profiles just as bits of micro-fiction in themselves.

  2. Joey says:

    Thanks! I am increasingly thinking of them as part of the story-flow — like, where and when I introduce a character profile will be dependent on what is going on in the story at any given moment. So they’ll be collected inline with the “real” chapters when I make a book.

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