Character Profile: the Blue Spark

Previously: Snake-Boy Meets Sky Prince

The Blue Spark is actually a collective of four other-dimensional microgods, who require a human host in order to manifest themselves physically. The host dies after twenty-four hours, his or her brief adventures as the Blue Spark a final blaze of glory available to any terminally ill patient, death row inmate, or suicidal thrill-seeker willing to stop by Crimebuster HQ and sign the necessary papers. The waiting list stretches out for decades.

The microgods who comprise the Blue Spark Collective are as follows:

  • Elvod, a microgod of Justice.
  • Elvap, a microgod of Vengeance.
  • Elvum, a microgod of Truth.
  • Elvis, a microgod of White Lies.

The Blue Spark is married to the Beast Mistress. When host-less, the microgods reside within the four large stones set in her tiara.

Next Update: This One is Mine

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