Recap for Chapter 1: The Origin of Snake-Boy

The SerpenTerrorist lays a bunch of eggs on the streets of Bledsoe City. Snake-Boy, along with thousands of other snake-boys, hatches. The other snake-boys seem to know what to do. They sing a song about the SerpenTerrorist, and gather at the base of the Three Towers, the headquarters for Bledsoe City’s superhero organization, the Crimebusters. Snake-Boy is at a loss. The “programming” doesn’t seem to have taken. He follows along with them anyway.

Superheroes emerge out of the tower and mercilessly slaughter the snake-boys. One of the heroes, Sky Prince, starts to attack Snake-Boy, but then collapses, coughing blood. Snake-Boy is smitten by the young hero, and sits with him during the course of the attack, protecting him from harm. The two fall into chit-chat. Sky Prince explains that he is the cloned son of Sky Lord, the world’s greatest superhero. The cloning process is imperfect. His body deteriorates after a day or two, at which point his father dumps his memories into a new cloned body for him. At the moment, his current body is just about worn out.

After the battle, Sky Lord comes for his son. He squints his third eye at Snake-Boy, causing him to writhe and scream.

Change of scene to the home of The Great Hunter, one of Bledsoe’s oldest crimefighters, who has decided to “come out” as a vampire. He has called a meeting of all the Crimebusters. He hopes that they can help him keep his impulses under control. In particular, he has been feasting lately on the delicious blood of all the snake-boys who have been flooding the city, every few months, thanks to SerpenTerrorist’s many fruitless attacks.

The only Crimebuster who shows up is Sky Lord (bearing the unconscious Sky Prince and Snake-Boy on his shoulders). He dumps the boys in the corner, tells The Great Hunter that he has known all along that his friend is a vampire, and encourages him to stay in the closet. He also, for reasons that are unclear, asks the Great Hunter to take on Snake-Boy as a sidekick. “I looked into his soul,” he says. “He’s not like the other snake-boys.” Generally, when Sky Lord “asks” something, it’s considered an order. He is known for manipulating the other heroes.

After Sky Lord leaves, taking the probably-dead body of his son with him, the Great Hunter stands in quiet, stunned rage. He doesn’t like that Sky Lord knew his secret all along without saying so. He doesn’t like being told what to do. He decides that Sky Lord is too powerful, and must be destroyed.

Then he goes over to the Snake-Boy and wakes him up. The Snake-Boy starts singing the SerpenTerrorist song, just like all the other snake-boys.

Next: Recap for Chapter 2: Sky Prince Loves Lady Dogface


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