Recap for Chapter 2: Sky Prince Loves Lady Dogface

Sky Lord tries to teach his son how to fly, with no success. The boy falls and dies every time.

Later, Sky Lord, while zipping around the world saving people, listens in on his son’s day at school, and is concerned about what he hears.

During their next training session, Sky Prince flies, briefly, for the first time, but then falls and dies. His mind is put into a new cloned body, as per usual, every time he dies.

Another day, Sky Prince gets to school early, hangs out with the custodial staff, and realizes that they actually don’t like him. They only tolerate him because of who his dad happens to be. He decides he wants to break free of his life with his dad, go have a secret identity, go to school with normals, but his dad puts the kibosh on his plans, accidentally, by encouraging him, which is annoying.

The next day, on his way to school, he finds a dead version of himself, a leftover body, in a place where only he, himself, ever goes (a secret passageway to the school).

That same day, he discovers, while at school, that he has finally learned how to fly. He tries to get his dad’s attention but there is no response. He takes advantage of this momentary break in his dad’s constant surveillance to run away. He sets up life as a homeless kid in some midwestern city. But then his current clone body, as they always do, wears out and dies on the streets. Back home at his dad’s hideout, a new clone body is vested with his most recently-saved memory dump (which does not include his adventures as a homeless kid). The new body, however, is still able to fly.

He finds his murdered father on the living room floor.

Next: Chapter 3: Snake-Boy Agonistes


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