Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: The Origin of Snake-Boy

Character Profile: The Great Hunter
Here you will find everything that people know, and two things they don’t know, about the Great Hunter.
Character Profile: Lady Dogface
Meet Lady Dogface. She was born this way.
Character Profile: Sky Lord
Sky Lord has beautiful green eyes, three of them (he hides the one on his forehead behind a headband).
Chapter 1.1: Snake-Boy is Born
Nobody realized that he had come out different. His brood-brothers, the other snake-boys hatching all around him, didn’t even notice.
Chapter 1.2: Snake-Boy Meets Sky Prince
What was the plan after all? He had gotten himself all worked up over nothing.
The Blue Spark
The Blue Spark is actually a collective of four other-dimensional microgods, who require a human host in order to manifest themselves physically.
Chapter 1.3: This One is Mine
Maybe it was already love that had muffled the rest of the world. He didn’t know the concept, though, and could not be expected to account for such a thing, or even recognize it.
Chapter 1.4: Defectives
“My dad will kill you!”
Place Profile: The Three Towers
Nobody is supposed to know about the execution chamber.
Chapter 1.5.1: A Rooftop Confession (Part One)
The Great Hunter had never considered his own vampirism to be of particular note, until just recently.
Chapter 1.5.2: A Rooftop Confession (Part Two)
Later, the Great Hunter would remember this moment, the way that Sky Lord had sat on the edge of the rooftop, dangling his feet over, pretending to wait, as if he had no idea that the others weren’t coming.
Chapter 1.5.3: A Rooftop Confession (Part Three)
“There’s really nothing you can hide from me. Like, ever. Silly old bear.”
Nanoman in “The Fight of His Life”
That’s how angry he was.

Chapter Two: Sky Prince Loves Lady Dogface

Chapter 2.1: Fear of Flying
“Look,” said Sky Lord, in an understanding tone, touching the boy on his shoulders, looking into his eyes. “If you don’t want to die, well, fine. Just fly. It’s as simple as that.”
Chapter 2.2: How Was Your Day
“Why are you telling people I’m your girlfriend?”
Chapter 2.3: First Flight
That was how he knew that his dad loved him.
Character Profile: Laurynn Lee
Sky Lord had never encountered death as an irreversible condition before. He had never really seen it after-the-fact.
Chapter 2.4.1: A Good Idea, Part One
Crimebuster High School was a lie.
Chapter 2.4.2: A Good Idea, Part Two
“I think I want to have a secret identity.”
Chapter 2.5: Sky Prince Sucks
He believed in cultivating an air of controversy.
Chapter 2.6: Who Is Desmond Touché?
This was his big chance.
Beast Mistress and Blue Spark in “The Capetown Caper!”
She dropped her garment to the ground.

Chapter Three: Snake-Boy Agonistes

Chapter 3.1: Snap Out of It
He had watched his own soul step calmly out of his body and float there in front of him, between him and Sky Lord, sparkly and greenish and sissified and traitorous. It turned, to the left, to the right, priss, priss, priss, showing off all of its good sides, eager to please.
Chapter 3.2.1: Snake-Boy Comes Out, Part One
The Great Hunter wanted to cry.
Chapter 3.2.2: Snake-Boy Comes Out, Part Two
Snake-Boy had a terrible secret.
Chapter 3.2.3: The Return of the Father
“The thing is that I think I’ve killed my dad.”
Chapter 3.3: This Time It was Different
“Ah,” said the spaceships, in amplified unison over the sudden silence. “There you are, my son.”
Chapter 3.5: Retreat
“I think we lost them,” said Sky Prince, collapsing into a lounge chair. “Whew. That was easy. Waiter?”
Chapter 3.6.1: Flashback, Part One
Snake-Boy shrugged. A lot of The Great Hunter’s friends, he had noticed, didn’t seem to like The Great Hunter very much. Snake-Boy had mostly noticed this because The Great Hunter had told him so. The Great Hunter was fairly chatty, for a captor-slash-mentor. He must have been lonely, Snake-Boy figured.
Chapter 3.6.2: Flashback, Part Two
One small white unlit candle had been placed on a silver saucer on the floor in the middle of the dining room.
Chapter 3.6.3: Flashback, Part Three
The Great Hunter’s face went slack. “You had a Crimebusters High Council meeting without me?”
Chapter 3.6.4: Flashback, Part Four
When Snake-Boy looked at Sky Prince, though, he stopped smiling. He looked away, suddenly very interested the back of his own hand, or the tree-limbs in the sky, or anything else.
Chapter 3.6.5: Flashback, Part Five
Snake-Boy started to jump down too, but Beast Mistress turned, touched him on the elbow. “Why don’t you hang out with us for a second?” she said. “My husband and I would like a word.”
Chapter 3.6.6: Flashback, Part Six
“You know my husband is, among other things, the microgod of White Lies? He knows when you’re trying to be nice about something. He knows when you’re lying to protect a friend.”
Chapter 3.6.7: Flashback, Part Seven
The superheroing life, it seemed, was a life of beautiful lies. This did not bother Snake-Boy. He liked anything beautiful, even a lie.

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